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Cedar Harvesting
Cedar Harvesting

People of the West Coast used & still use the cedar tree for different purposes. Cedar was used as building material for dwellings, making fishing gear or clothing. Harvesting cedar is done in May or June, depending on the weather pattern. That is the time when the tree sap is running. It can be done only once a year. Before the bark is peeled off the cedar tree, a thanking ceremony is performed and a tobacco offering is made.

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Harvest of the Cedar Bark:

The bark can be easily pulled off the trunk of the tree when the sap is running. Twisting movements and upwards pulling, take off a nice cedar bark strip. Cedar pickers only take one strip off each tree, so the tree can live on. A scar remains, but the tree grows on. The outer bark needs to be separated from the inner bark. A pointy knife does the trick. The outer bark chips fall on the ground and will be decomposed by forest creatures. When working with cedar bark, you have to be aware that this is a natural fiber and therefore may split or break. So please handle the bark with great care.


Information about the Craft Kits

All craft kits come with an introduction that explains the craft and gives some information about the craft. Additionally there are step by step illustrations that can easily be followed. And in the kit are all the elements included to finish the craft.